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Liberia Legacy of Hope Endowment Fund

Give a lasting gift with enduring impact!

The Liberia Legacy of Hope Endowment Fund was established to provide continual financial support for the Gbarnga Lutheran Training Center, including operating expenses for the school and future capital expenses for special projects such as new water supplies for the village of Deanville and surrounding communities.


By growing the Endowment Fund as the school grows, with a target of reaching $1 million by the time the school expands through Grade 12, we can sustainably bridge the gap between income (from school fees and monthly donations) and the actual costs for staff salaries, educational supplies, school lunches and other expenses. By maintaining a balance in the Fund that achieves a sufficient return on investment to meet the needs of the school, the Fund will provide much needed support in perpetuity.


With your help, the Endowment Fund will ensure that future generations of students in Liberia can have a high-quality education, good nutrition, and reliable access to clean water.

There are many ways to give, including:
  • Cash donations (via check, electronic funds transfer, or credit card)

  • Securities (including stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares)

  • Transfers from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

  • Beneficiary changes to insurance or retirement accounts

  • Estate ortrust bequests

Donations can be made to the Gbarnga Lutheran Mission Project (a 501c3 charity), specifying “Endowment Fund" as the purpose for the gift.


Direct donations of securities can be coordinated by contacting our treasurer at

Contribute to the Endowment Fund

Email us for more information

Download an Endowment Brochure

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