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Dear Gbarnga Mission Supporters and Sponsors of GLTC,

We would like to thank God for you and us. First, for lives of protection and strength provided for all of us within this worldwide coronavirus crisis started March up to the

present. Second, our million thanks and appreciations to you, our partners in mission, for your prayers and strong support of donations and food rations provided for us and our students of the GLTC school community. Your decision and action to provide us

wages and food support during this critical time will ever be remembered in the history of GLTC mission and the Community of Deanville yea Bong County, Liberia.

Your prayers and support to the GLTC students and staff shows great care, love and

concern for us as one body in Christ. We worried about you most then ourselves because you were hit hard and heavy by the coronavirus all over the United States of America but you still reflected on Africa, most especially Liberia. Knowing that you people care for us is very rewarding.

Your supports to the GLTC school community were very timely in this period of crisis. Many of our GLTC students were very poor in health and almost becoming malnourished due to lack of sufficient food by many parents. The price of Liberia’s staple food, rice and other food items went up very high and was not easy to find. This became a challenge for us as parents with many children. Your decision to help the students’ parents and the Mission workers

with food ration and continued monthly salary payment helped us


The population of 81 students and 23 workers benefited through 119 – 25kg bags of special rice (over 6,500 lbs.). The student’s families also received a total of 4,860 chicken eggs. Due to your prayers and many supports to the GLTC Community, we as parents, our children and workers are very fine in health and also praying for this crisis to come to an end

and for us to resume our normal academic program and other activities.

In grateful response and appreciation, the staff and some GLTC parents are involved with creating a new corn garden, cleaning of the Mission compound and developing a good road network to the school campus. We work three days in every week starting in March: the early stage of the virus period 2020 up to present. During this period, we have maintained our campus cleaning; completed 40% of the road brushing and de-stumping to the first swamp; and have brushed, planted and under cleaned six planting stations of corn farm. Each planting station contains 25 rows of corn by 27 amounting to 675 corn holes in a planting

station. Each hole takes three corn seeds. So, the six-planting station means 675x6 which

equals 4,050 corn planting holes and each hole taking 3 corns seeds. Therefore, the estimated amount of corn planted and under cleaned is about 12,150 plants. The first two to three planting stations are now bearing flowers and making corn. We also have brushed almost one acre more of land and will start the planting in late-June.

We are very grateful for the many opportunities and supports

given us to be partners in this mission work.

In Jesus’ Name,

Nathaniel F. Sumo

GLTC Principal

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